Saturday, June 2, 2007

On the other end of the spectrum.

I make no secret of my dislike for conventional mommyblogs. Too many stories about some one else's kids. Snooze.

But this is too far in the opposite direction. A relatively new parenting site, Offsprung, has established a blog in its webring dedicated to the intersection and politics, called Unsprung. Sounds like a great idea, in principle. The problem is they recruited Amanda Marcotte as blogger. You might remember her as the blogger who inspired a shitstorm in the blogosphere when John Edwards' campaign hired her as a blogger. Amanda is neither a mother, nor does she have a real job. (No, blogger doesn't count.) How can she possibly understand policy issues that impact working parents?

That said, I think the childless perspective is valuable. We need to be reminded that the world doesn't revolve around us and our children. And that not having a child is a valid life choice. Babble does a good job at providing the childless person's POV.

But Marcotte's blog is not a childless person's POV. She doesn't try to contrast her views with those of a parent; rather she tries to skew the subject matter of her posts to be interesting to parents. Like if her diatribes include the words "reproductive choice" or "education" in them, we're going to be suddenly interested. I think Marcotte fails. Judge for yourself.

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