Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another reason to hate Thomas the Tank Engine...

The old reasons:

1. It's a racket. Anyone with a toddler son knows that Thomas is like crack for boys. And anyone who's actually purchased Thomas-branded anything knows that it's a racket. The trains start at $20 a piece. My family has spent hundreds of dollars on this stuff.

2. The stories are not kid-friendly. We have a book, which is a compilation of Thomas stories. In one story, The Deputation, Sir Topham Hatt threatens to turn one of the trains to sheet metal. No joke. At the last minute, he changes his mind and spares the train. Sounds more like Extermination, with a Schindler's List ending.

3. Poor female representation. Most of the train characters are male. The female characters are spouses or supporting parts.

And the new reason:

4. James is toxic. Lovely. I actually own toxic James. My little one has James in his mouth all the time.

Update: Sign here to let the Consumer Products Safety Division know they have to do a better job.

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