Monday, June 18, 2007

Buzzword of the Day: "Hybrid Mom"

A hybrid mom is part SAHM and part working mom. Confused? Me too. But now there's a whole new maggie dedicated to

The maggie defines its target demographic as follows:

Hybrid Mom (hy brid mom, n.): An adult female who has discarded outdated and unrealistic conceptions of motherhood. She is parent, wife, volunteer, and sometimes entrepreneur, all in one. Known for her strength, sense of humor, and flexibility, a hybrid mom is actually a fusion of roles that suit her own individuality.

Wow, neat. *cough*gimmick*cough* And based on the volume of stuff they're peddling on their website, some one believes these Hybrid Moms have a fair amount of disposable income!


Selfmademom said...

I gotta be honest I almost gagged when I got this magazine. Really do we need another label??

Too Cool for School said...

also, it seems like it's pandering, doesn't it. You're fabulous! You do it all! Okay...but I want material to challenge and stimulate me. The website seemed fairly anemic in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Light, light, light. Silly, too.