Monday, June 11, 2007

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Behold the spelling bee champion. This is the future of our nation. He's among the best and the brightest.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I didn't think the kid was all that bad, maybe a little obsessive. Interviewing kids that age is always like that, like pulling teeth. And the anchor was a bit of a bubblehead.

I was more appalled by the Subway tuna sandwich bit.

Too Cool for School said...

I disagree. I watched the spelling bee championship, and his demeanor was not on a par with his peers. What's the subway tuna sandwich bit?

Thebe said...

Ah, well, I didn't see the spelling bee championship, just the clip, so you're probably right. Judging just from the clip, it looked like typical weirdness.

The anchor said she heard this kid ate a certain Subway sandwich before each match. Then she held up the sandwich and waved it in front of the camera (product placement!). The kid was forced to explain that he didn't eat a Subway before the match cuz they gave the kids a fancy meal.

Too Cool for School said...

oh right! no shame.