Saturday, August 25, 2007

Baby Names: Celebrity Edition

Out: "Britney"

Name your child Britney? What are you thinking, wonders the Poop. I think they're onto something. How will we ever divorce the name from the image of her entering the public bathroom barefoot? That image is seared in my brain for life. Too bad y'all, cause the name was kind of cute!

In: "Reese"

Anecdotally, I've noticed a significant uptick in the name "Reese". She is the celebrity model of girl perfection: smart, gorgeous and talented. And, perhaps most important to frightened parents in this day and age of GGW, she's a good girl. Not sure if naming one's child "Reese" will ensure the child's virtue, but gotta give parents credit for trying.


Trish K said...

If I could gaurantee that my daughers would NOT show up on a GGW video, I would name her Reese

Selfmademom said...

Seriously, though, could you really live with yourself if your kid was walking around with that name? It's so un-original. I'm going with maddox if I have another kid. Now THERE's a unique name.