Tuesday, September 18, 2007

California proposes bold work/life legislation.

Per JD Bliss, highlights include:

  1. Adding "familial status" as a protected class under the employment nondiscrimination statute; and
  2. Requiring job-protected time away from work for "caregivers".

Critics charge that the proposal, as presently stated, is too broad. They argue that it would cover something as trivial as mom cutting out of work early to go to soccer practice. (That's a bad thing?)

In any event, the proposal reflects the prevalence of the duel income family, and its attendant logistical problems. And as one of the earners in a two income family, I say: it's about time!

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VDog said...

Glad I live in CA.

Jane -- I would have emailed you this comment in response to your Babble post, but alas, I can't find one.

My Boycott Bill Maher! post title was just the title -- I didn't actually call for a boycott in the post -- it was just an inflammatory statement meant to get people to read my post (much like Maher's comedy is inflammatory to get people to watch his show).